Metro supports brain donation exhibition

Metro are currently providing technical support to a revolutionary art exhibition at the Shoreditch Townhall titled Mind over Matter.

The exhibition features portraits of 12 elderly people - all of who have chosen to give their brains to neuroscience upon their deaths. The participants - five of whom have already died - want to increase understanding about dementia, and had already agreed to allow their brains to be studied for physical signs of the disease, even though they might not, while alive, have outward symptoms. 

 Supported by the Wellcome Trust, Mind Over Matter draws back the veil of secrecy surrounding the practice of organ donation in celebration of those who elect to donate their brains after death for the purposes of neuroscientific research.

Artist Ania Dabrowska met with some of Britain’s oldest prospective brain donors who agreed to be photographed and interviewed about their lives and involvement in brain research. For the exhibition, Dabrowska interweaves photographic portraits, appropriated archival photographs, projections and sound narratives from the twelve donors, alongside scientific artifacts and medical imagery, to present a layered contemplation about the nature of memory loss and to trace the new lives that the brains take on after the donor’s death.

Metro have been delighted to be involved in this project which offers a fascinating insight into the lives of dementia sufferers. Mind over Matter is open until 23rd October 2011.


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