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Hi, my name’s Terence Corness and I’m the new guy here at Metro.  I started on 9th Jan and my role here is to identify new business opportunities and secure new clients wherever possible.  My previous experience in this area of business is extensive but my previous experience of the events world is limited having only really come into contact with the industry from a client perspective.  Prior to this I worked for a large organisation selling data and contracts into the property and environment sector.  We ran events, of course, but I was only ever the man on the stand before now.

So what prompted the move?  Well I run my own music and art events outside of work with a friend and have been keen to become more involved with the industry on a professional level too.  I love the way that you start with an empty room and an idea, and then bring it all to life, threading the various components together, until you have a full blown event taking place in front of your eyes.

My first impressions of the company culture at Metro are that it is a very dynamic organisation where things happen fast.  The energy in the office is very positive with a busy, competent and productive team, who clearly know and respect each other a great deal.  It is always difficult to start at a new office where you don’t know anyone, but people here have gone out of their way to bring me up to speed as fast as possible, and to make me feel at home.  My Director Liz Rice, has shown me every sandwich shop within a square mile of the office on various lunchtime sorties.  So I now have a very in-depth, albeit highly localised, knowledge of this specific part of South London. I particularly love being right next to Borough Market which is proving to be A) Tempting & B) Expensive!

The first thing for me to do on walking into this role was to understand as much as I can about this world, in a short space of time, so I am now enrolled on 2 courses, one at City of London University in Major Event Management & the second on using Adobe’s Indesign creative publishing software to put together attractive client proposals.  I have purchased and am reading two great books: Special Event Production by Doug Matthews and The Freelancer’s Guide to Corporate Event Design by Troy Halsey. These books cover everything from the very basics of set up, venues, staging, scenic and environmental design right through to the more technical aspects of the audio-visual and lighting equipment available for project managers and event producers in the industry.

As well as the marketplace and the product/service that one offers it is also critical to quickly get a feel for how things operate in a live context and to meet some of your clients, so I have been attending a number of events that Metro are running as well as industry briefings.  The first event I attended was at Vinopolis, where we operate as the in-house audio-visual and events team, this was being overseen by Dave Ashman and was a 50 year anniversary do for a big re-insurance company.  The theme was eighties and the whole place looked magnificent when it was all finished.

I also attended the Meetings Industry Meeting Needs Charity Partners networking evening at Twickenham on January 24th, which was a great way to be introduced to some industry gurus and allowed for a tour of the hallowed grounds.  I have attended the Event production show over in Olympia, The ICE Gaming Exhibition over at Earl’s Court and a number of client meetings too, so it’s been a busy start, but so far absolutely loving it and looking forward to learning more and meeting many of you reading this in the weeks and months to come.

Terence Corness - Business Development Manager
DDI: +44 (0) 20 7202 2955
MOB: +44 (0) 777032 2955



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