"Design is people." Jane Jacobs

It’s been busy over here at Metro and a lot has taken place over the last couple of weeks.  We’ve been running events all over Europe and many more back here in the UK.

As well as the actual production of the events, we have a large creative design input with our clients too, regularly taking a substantial role in helping to come up with designs and themes for the events we produce.  Often we will help a client with the initial concept and produce visuals to give them ideas of how their event might look before they have decided.

The CAD work here at Metro is headed up by Ben Tenison-Smith, resident graphics guru, who produces the CG visuals you can see in other areas of the website.  Metro have just invested in a monster new PC tower (reminiscent of a Borg cube - go on google it) and state of the art software to make this process faster and slicker but ultimately it’s the person at the controls that makes the magic happen.  The importance of this work to us cannot be over stressed, as producing first class visual representations of proposed events, not only helps Metro to win business but also allows our clients to really understand how the finished set up will look once the lighting, screens & staging are all in place.

I too have been flexing my creative muscles recently having designed and pitched for my first events to clients last week, following the last blog. This process was helped along by directors Jamie Tilleray and Liz Rice who have many years of collective experience designing events to a client brief.  The first was for a large publisher who will be running their annual awards ceremony in the Nine King’s Suite over at The Lancaster, Hyde Park and the other was for a client just down the road, again looking for ideas for their annual industry awards ceremony.  Metro handle many of these type of events and often the challenge is to try and create a glamorous Oscars night feel on a restricted budget.  This is one of the key challenges of corporate events and one that Metro is now expert in handling.

Earlier this week I attended a publishing software course to learn the basics of using Adobe InDesign CS5.  This is a fantastically logical and quick to learn piece of desktop publishing design software that does what it says on the tin.  The course was held by Don Kallenbach, over at Symbiosis and was really useful.  The value of a professionally produced document cannot be overstated when it comes to sending literature to clients, be that tender documents or case studies.

Finally, I headed over to Confex exhibition on Wednesday to meet with some clients and do some networking.  It was great to have so many industry players in one place and to get a reminder of the colourful, interesting and vibrant nature of this particular industry sector.  I spoke to a lot of the venues and many of Metro’s partners, and also came away with a few good new business leads.  I was entertained by a drumming band as I munched on my lunchtime noodles in the food hall and was given an ice-cold beer by the good folks over at Mash Media at the end of the exhibition, and anything that ends with a free beer is alright in my book!

Join us next time for another exciting instalment of the blog but in the meantime I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


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