Choos, Glorious Choos!

When Philip Honey, event design consultant for luxury brands, asked us to help present Jimmy Choo’s latest collection to a European network of store managers, the female contingent in the office went slightly weak at the knees; not only was the collection to include shoes, it was handbags and perfume as well!  As you might imagine, it came close to ‘pistols at dawn’ when it came to allocating crew for the job.

Once we’d got over the initial dose of fan fever, we got down to the job at hand. The Spring/Summer 2014 collection was to be showcased in a catwalk setting in the company’s new showroom at the London HQ.  The challenge was how to make the shoes the centre of attention as they weren’t in the immediate line of vision.  We worked with Philip to find the solution that would give the glorious Choos maximum attention.


We decided to film the shoes – stars of the show – live, in action, as the models reached the end of the purpose-built runway.  Using a portable production unit, we were able to relay the live film onto large plasma screens.

We’ve been working with Philip Honey Design for over 20 years on projects which have included launch and promotional events for luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Dom Perignon although, I think the ladies in the office would say, there’s nothing like a Choo for inspiration!


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