Celebrating Ten (Yes, 10) Years!

In January 2014 we’ve been celebrating 10 year anniversaries with no less than three of our staff; Director Richard Sheehan and Project Managers Symon Veglio and James Clarke.  Symon, James and Richard follow hot on the heels of veteran Paul Fish who celebrated his 20 year anniversary last year.

James Clarke, Symon Veglio, Richard SheehanJames Clarke, Symon Veglio, Richard Sheehan

James’ area of expertise is in producing webcasts – he’s a man in big demand these days.

Symon is our lead on installations and plays a vital role in producing detailed technical specifications and managing major installations at the likes of venues such as at 30   Euston Square. 

Richard joined us as a PM ten years ago and is now a Director.  Richard is also an expert in satellite broadcasting and project manages some of our larger international conferences. 


Congratulations to all three!


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