Industry Freelancer Peter Boatfield Embarks On Charity Mission To The Gambia

On February 23rd 2014, freelance event industry video producer Peter Boatfield will be driving 4,500 miles in a used truck to deliver vital medical equipment and supplies to a hospital in The Gambia. Peter’s involvement with charity Drive To Help is sponsored by London-based technical production company Metro Broadcast. Peter will be travelling with his sister Hannah Boatfield, a documentary film-maker who will be recording the action throughout the journey. Their film is expected to be broadcast later this year.

The Drive To Help rally is a convoy of 14 medical professionals, mechanics and documentary film-makers driving seven vehicles from Germany to The Gambia’s capital, Banjul. The daring road trip takes three weeks with volunteer drivers sleeping in the vans or in tents along the way. The priceless cargo includes tons of medical supplies, gifts for the local community, electricity generators and even toothbrushes. The vans will be sold on arrival to raise further funds for the hospital.

Mary Metcalfe, managing director of Metro Broadcast said, “We are really pleased to support a cause which is both extremely worthy and has personal ties with our staff and freelance community. It’s a mad mission but Pete is geared up and ready to go. We will all be following his blog on a daily basis and looking forward to watching his own documentary of the journey when he returns.”

One of the poorest countries in the world, The Gambia is in great need of the support provided by the charity-funded ASB Clinic in Banjul which treats over 36,000 patients every year with life-threatening conditions including HIV, AIDS and Malaria. The clinic has its own surgical area, an in-house pharmacy, nine inpatient beds and a maternity ward. In addition, the hospital offers prenatal care, a vaccination program and dental treatment.

Peter Boatfield said, “A donation of as little as one euro per patient is enough to counter the funding deficit and keep the hospital open. It’s great that we’ve been able to find corporate sponsors to boost our funds. It will make a real difference. Now all we’ve got to do is get there.”