Drive to Help - Five days in...

As the crow flies, there is over 2,700 miles between Freiburg; a small city in the South-West of Germany, and The Gambia; a country which features on the Western coast of Africa. That is approximately 4,400 kilometres (we all have our unit of measurement preferences…). When considered in terms of available transportation routes, the journey comes to over 3,500 miles or 5,500km!

The purpose of this blog was not to pull on your empathetic heart strings, or have you ridden with relief that it’s Pete and Hannah, and not you! However, when you’re settling in front of the TV tonight for "8 out of 10 cats"; spare a thought for this intrepid pair as they slog through these long miles.

Testament to the brother and sister team's commitment is the fact that they've planned on covering a massive 1,400 miles in the first two days; a significant dent in the 3,500 road miles between the regions of contrasting fortunes.

The crew take a well earned break for food and water

While we at Metro are no experts in cross-continental rally drives, the map makes clear the challenging and treacherous prospect ahead. Let’s ignore the luxurious thoughts that arise upon hearing the names “Monaco” and “Spain”, because driving a rickety van full of vital supplies in the blistering heat is a little different from sipping chilled champagne in-between black jack hands at the Grand Casino or soaking up the sights in Marrakech . Anyhow, 5 days in and we’re sure Pete & Hannah are on course and making some serious progress on European soil. Just remember guys; it’s a marathon, not a sprint. 

You can follow Pete and Hannah's progress on their own blog here: http://peteboatfield.wix.com/drive-to-help#!news/c1tch 

And you can sponsor them here: http://peteboatfield.wix.com/drive-to-help#!donate/c1ghi 

Have a great weekend all!


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