Bringing The Oscars To London...

Twelve years in and Metro Broadcast continues to screen The Oscars to The Academy’s London members at the prestigious RAC Club.  The elite event, held on Monday night (March 3rd), usually runs one night after the live event in Hollywood – allowing for the time difference.  We work to a tight schedule to edit the HD CAM tapes sent by BSkyB for the London audience to enjoy.  So I suppose you could say that we bring The Oscars to London in all its star-studded glory (yes Brad and Angelina look just as good on hi-tech plasma screens) but unfortunately this occasion is strictly by invitation only.

The Academy’s London glitterati is made up of 120 senior film executives, meaning that the pressure was on to ensure the production quality was no less than perfect.  It’s like singing in front of Bublé or kicking a ball in the presence of Ronaldo so we had to be on top form.   The nail-biting bit is waiting for the video tapes to arrive and then finding enough time to work on the editing to have a flawless end result.  The production consisted of full audio visual systems including large plasma screens positioned all around the room in order to ensure everyone has a perfect view of the action; there will be no sore necks or excessive leaning on our account!

When the dust settled, the event ran smoothly and all the “movie-makers” appeared to have a wonderful time.  The production was flawless and I think the fact that the results were to the satisfaction of the audience (not to mention the first class food from the RAC Club) definitely contributed to a “feel good” occasion; one that Metro Broadcast feels privileged to play a part in. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is one of our oldest clients; holding events that we very much look forward to managing.

Many thanks to Simon Leibowitz Photography for use of the photos! Check out Simon's website here for more of his work: www.slphotography.co.uk


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