Drive To Help - Into The Desert...

Today marks day 12 on Pete & Hannah Boatfield’s  quest to cover 4,500 miles in the aid of a Banjul hospital and the journey thus far has certainly been eventful to say the least. Punctured tyres, leaking generators and border control drama have ensured that their adventure has been more chaotic than a “who’s the daddy?” episode of Jerry Springer. However, it would be wrong to paint it all in such a bad light, as for all the longs slogs and rotten luck, there have been doses of breath-taking scenery, opportunities to rekindle old friendships, create new memories, and embrace different cultures.

The initial days saw the dynamic duo endeavour to reach Morocco; a destination which required Pete and Hannah to cover much land and sea (the latter providing a welcome change from the wheel). While they were probably expecting a stress-free ferry ride, the pair was held for 5 hours by border control, with the men in uniform questioning some of the medical supplies (but they look so innocent!) Eventually in North Africa, the team soon set out into the Atlas Mountains, following a brief stay in Marrakech. 6am wake-ups were compensated with a taste of Moroccan beauty; small towns exuding local culture with colourful ceramic stalls, rounded hills, and laden donkeys. They even managed to catch up with some of Hannah’s local friends, where they spent an evening being treated to delicious food, the attention of enthused pets, and a view that takes some beating! Where do I sign up?

However, the past few days have been back to business; filled with seemingly endless hours of coastal driving and desert preparation (filling up cans of fuel and stocking up on water supplies). Today they are set to enter Mauritania (aka desert territory); four days and three nights of Sub-Saharan bliss on the horizon and we’re sure they’ll love every minute of it.

Have a great weekend all.


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