Farewell Ronnie...

Last week we said goodbye to Ronnie Barlow, who joined us as a marketing intern 6 weeks ago and has made his presence felt in the office.  A sharp writer, with a quick sense of humour, he was much liked by the team at Metro.  Ronnie's remit was to bolster our marketing activity, help with the blog and to help segment and cleanse our marketing database, all of which he threw himself into and achieved with aplomb.  From his perspective he gained experience first hand working in a busy production company and finding out about how the different departments work with each other, particularly focusing on Marketing activity.

We conducted a little leaver's interview, so withour further ado, over to the man himself:

The Much Anticipated Barlow Interview

What have you most enjoyed about working at Metro?

Richard Whitting’s awesome ringtone! Is there any other answer?  (MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This, Ronnie was sat right next to him and Richard’s phone rings non stop every day!)

What have you least enjoyed about it?

Since this is my first office job, and I only graduated last year – one of the things I noticed was that there is a big difference to the way that people communicate with each other in a professional working environment than what I am used to when in a social situation with my friends or at university.  I just got my head down and got on with my work, which is a bit of a change for me as I’m usually the loud, abrasive, jokey one in my various social circles!  I got my personality across well in my blogs, I feel.  That’s more the real me, I suppose.

During your time here you had some responsibility for writing the company blog, how have you found it & what was your previous experience of writing?

It’s a little daunting actually. If you write one well-written, witty blog you feel you have to maintain a certain standard, and after a few you think “I’m a little burnt out, humour-wise”. But then I start writing, one earphone playing my R&B music and I relax with it. I just write anything that comes to mind; even if it sounds a little silly at first. Soon enough, everything falls into place. It’s a proud feeling.

What have been the key benefits, to you, of your internship?

I’d say one of the key things this experience has helped with has been to give me confidence on the phone. Part of my remit was to make calls into large organisations as part of a data-cleansing exercise, and the reception can sometimes be a little prickly if you are looking to verify information on contacts etc.  At first I found this a little daunting but, I rapidly developed quite a thick skin and soon was holding my own on the calls.

What does the future hold for you now?

The fast life.  Cars, money, a 24-hour champagne diet!  No, but really, a lot of hard work in order to make myself stand out from the crowd and secure a graduate position within a thriving company. Wanna swap?

What would be your advice to anyone else considering an internship?

Probe into the specifics of the role and ensure it’s what you’re after. An interview is a two-way process. Find out as much about the company as you can before you start.

Also, make sure you absorb as much as you can, and learn to the maximum. The opportunity is about learning, experiencing. If you just go through the motions and put in moderate effort, what’s really the point? Get as much as you can out of an internship, because they’re not all as bad as the stereotype is perceived. 

So Farewell Ronnie, we wish you all the best for the future and make sure you keep in touch with us all!


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