HMS Queen Elizabeth Is Officially Named By Her Namesake At Fife’s Rosyth Dockyard

On Friday 4th July 2014, HMS Queen Elizabeth, the largest aircraft carrier to be built in the UK, was officially named by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Rosyth’s Royal Dock in Fife.  BroadSword Productions and Jay Goldson, appointed by The Carrier Alliance to produce the event, engaged our broadcast team to film the occasion and provide a live feed to the BBC and Sky News.  Live video was also relayed to two large screens positioned on either side of the vessel for VIP guests and no less than 3,600 dockyard workers to enjoy. 
We enlisted local support from our Scottish operation Metro Ecosse to provide HD cameras, a Portable Production Unit, camera crew and technicians.  Equipment was installed for a rehearsal two days prior to the event during a normal working day at Rosyth while operatives were busy adding the finishing touches to the 65,000 tonne vessel.

Our Project Manager, Carmelo Amenta, said, “While security guidelines were obviously paramount on the day, Health & Safety was actually our biggest challenge during the installation and rehearsal.  Working in a fully-functioning dockyard was a first for us and the weather wasn’t always on our side; our procedures had to be literally watertight.”

On arrival, Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Philip were saluted by the pipes of The Royal Scots Regiment, a Royal Marines brass band and an honour guard of Royal Navy personnel while The Red Arrows flew over the vessel leaving a signature trail of red, white and blue smoke.  
The vessel was officially named as a bottle of malt whisky was launched to its side.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were also accompanied by David Cameron and the first minister Alex Salmond as well as 3,600 workers involved in the gigantic vessel’s construction.  George Osborne also attended as did local MPs Gordon Brown and Sir Menzies Campbell.


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