Technical Manager Paul Enright Explains How Metro’s Audio Visual Proposition Gives Conference Managers a Whole New Perspective.

Earlier this year, when the teething problems with the latest in 4K image processing technologies had been addressed, we made an investment in the award-winning Barco E2 screen management system which we have now deployed as product of choice across our corporate events.  We believe the technology is a game-changer for our sector.

So what does it do?
It is the very latest in widescreen, 4K, edge-blending technology.  Put simply, it allows our technicians to create vast, multi-layered, high definition visuals.  It controls multiple sources of live or stored content as inputs or outputs.  Your conference content might include graphics, animation, presentation slides or live video relay and you might want to broadcast it on the internet or via social media.  In the hands of experienced technicians, a 4K screen management system allows you to mix and display multiple media sources live, seamlessly, on a massive scale and at professional frame rates.

Where has it been used?
The functionality of the Barco E2 has revolutionised the whole look and feel of our clients’ conferences, roadshows and product launches over the last year.
We were engaged recently by a leading financial institution to produce a live forum for a global audience.  For the 500-strong audience at one of London’s leading venues, we used a massive 58ft wide screen and incorporated input from and output to 26 different sources including presentation slides, a twitter feed, news footage and video.  
Due to its compactness and durability, the Barco E2 has also enjoyed life on the road at national and international road-show events.  We have made additional investment in training around the product and it is our intention to make it accessible to all of our clients as our preferred product of choice. 

What makes it so good for corporate events?
The image quality is second to none and it can blend up to x32 4K projectors which allows for a truly gigantic visual display; it is frequently used to replace more conventional staging designs.  The edge-blending technology allows conference managers to create the most visually-rich, ever-changing, widescreen backdrops for conferences, product launches and live communications.  
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