James Clarke and Richard Sheehan Check Out the Latest Tech at ISE Amsterdam.

James Clarke and Richard Sheehan Check Out the Latest Tech at ISE Amsterdam.

Held annually in Amsterdam, Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is the world’s largest AV and Integrated Systems exhibition.  Showcasing the latest developments from the industry’s leading manufacturers, it was the destination of choice this month for some 65,600 AV professionals. It has become an annual pilgrimage for our Project Manager James Clarke and Director Richard Sheehan who use the event to identify new technologies and seek inspiration. 

This year, Richard and James were on a specific mission to find out more about the latest developments in LED video panels – technology which we believe will give corporate event managers more options and provide a brand new ‘canvas’ on which designers can create stunning conference sets.

LED displays are created using ‘tiles’ or panels which are pieced together and inter-connected to form a display of any size.  They’ve traditionally been used in large, often outdoor, venues such as sports stadiums and arenas because the LED display is bright enough to remain unaffected by natural light.  However, the technology has developed to the stage where there is a much tighter pixel pitch which means the definition is much better close up when used in smaller areas such as conference rooms and exhibition spaces, opening up the technology to brand new markets.
James Clarke and Richard Sheehan Check Out the Latest Tech at ISE Amsterdam.
As an alternative to projection, LED displays present two very clear benefits to event managers:

Firstly, the use of LEDs means that the image is much brighter and can cope with natural light. This allows the event manager to install one or multiple displays within a bright space without altering lighting states in different areas of the room. For example, you might want to utilise the same space for multiple breakout sessions.

Secondly, because the LED display is pieced together using individual tiles, the designer can create a snug, floor-to-ceiling design which takes the place of a traditional backdrop and can create all manner of curves and exciting designs.  The tiles are flat and require very little space at the back of the stage, optimising much more of the venue’s floor space.

We believe LED video panels will be a perfect solution not only for daytime conferences but also at exhibitions where space is at a premium and levels of light are naturally high.

Other points of interest at the show included: solid state projectors, which are now a much more viable product; advancements in media servers which will complement our existing stock; and developers who provide interactive content for events with whom we hope to be working more closely in the coming months.

For more information on LED displays, talk to your Metro account manager or contact the Business Development Team on 020 7202 2000.