Metro Broadcast Gives Corporate Events The Big Picture.

Following an investment in the latest screen management and presentation technologies, UK-based event supplier Metro Broadcast has created a visual proposition which is able to revolutionise the look and feel of corporate events across its share of the sector.  The technical production company’s clients will benefit from the best in wide-screen, 4K, edge-blending technology, allowing them to create vast, multi-layered, high-definition visuals as a stage backdrop – a creative alternative to the conventional conference set.
Metro’s new visual proposition has been in action at a number of high profile events including the Bank of England’s pioneering Open Forum at London’s Guildhall which was broadcast live-to-camera at the end of last year.  The gigantic stage backdrop spanned almost the length of the room and comprised an enormous single 40x9ft screen.  This not only created a powerful backcloth but became a practical solution for conveying graphics, film and other content for live broadcast in such a wide space.
Content used during the Open Forum came from a range of incoming sources such as video, PowerPoint presentations, social media and satellite links as well as outputs to satellite, the Bank of England’s YouTube channel and the BBC.  Cutting-edge screen management capabilities allowed Metro to layer as well as use this content simultaneously to create a powerful, dynamic alternative to a traditional forum stage.
Paul Enright, Metro Broadcast’s Technical Manager says, “The functionality will revolutionise the whole look and feel of our corporate conferences, roadshows and product launches.  Coupled with the latest in either projection or LED video walls, we can take visual content to a whole new level in the events sector.”
Metro’s product of choice in screen management, the award-winning Barco E2, allows visual designers to manipulate content from a range of sources to create a powerful and dynamic, ever-changing visual experience.  Combined with either projection or LED video wall technology, content can be broadcast with perfect clarity on an enormous scale.