Metro Tech Showcases – Roundup

Well, last week was a fun four day week for everyone here at Metro.  We had a total of 14 client companies through the door to take a look at our technical showcases, an exercise that always gives us a great chance to talk to our clients, flex our creative muscles a little, & show off some of the more fun toys we keep here on site.
The purpose of these ongoing showcases is to discuss what we think works well from our clients’ perspective, what’s working for us as a production company, what is current in the tech world and what is coming over the horizon. With that in mind, we set out a presentation that explored the ‘event organiser’s perspective’ and the ‘delegate journey’, taking a path through some of the key elements of production.
Metro Tech Showcases – Roundup

Kicking off with a display of creative firepower we shut the room to blackout state and opened with a demo of our in-house projection mapping capabilities. The display made full use of the screens in the room which provided a 270 degree immersive environment.

Metro Tech Showcases – Roundup

Next up, a few examples of animations and visuals produced by our in-house graphics team and moved on to a discussion around some of the investments we’ve made in LED lighting (great from a sustainable events perspective) and LED wall displays. We also looked at some of the latest advances in the world of in-house set design & build, using flowing curves, creative staging designs, and thin LED screens mounted into walls.

Metro Tech Showcases – RoundupWe moved on to a round-up of engagement technologies, looking at webcasting, live streaming, beacons, motion & gesture control tech, AI & Virtual Reality.  This section finished with a display and some examples of using our widescreen edge blending technology, which allows clients to have immense projection surfaces, seamlessly blended and showing up to 64 simultaneously displaying content sources.

The show case finished with a final blast of the projection mapping, and, for those that were in the market for it, a chilled glass of prosecco and some discussion around how this can all be used at their events.
Watch this space for another roundup blog post, later this week, on some of the feedback and interesting discussions and comments that came out from our clients during the showcases.
(Guest blog by Business Development Manager, Terence Corness)

Click HERE for a 360° view of the Metro tech showcase room