Metro Ecosse Uses Drones to Make Special Film for Enercon.

This year, German renewable energy company Enercon celebrates 20 years of wind turbine sales and installations in the UK.  Commissioned by Enercon to produce a film to commemorate the occasion, our Scottish film makers at Metro Ecosse needed to cover a lot of ground to capture just a small sample of the Enercon’s wind farms in action across Scotland.  

With some excellent technology to hand, our film crew made an early start from Edinburgh to arrive at the first location in the beautiful village of Culross in Fife.  Here they shot cutaways, time-lapses and captured some spectacular shots of the Fife landscape using drones. 

Metro Ecosse Uses Drones to Make Special Film for Enercon.The next stop was Kirkton farm on the outskirts of Culross where they filmed one of Enercon’s unique wind turbines as it generated energy in the Fife countryside. The main aim at this location was to shoot still plates for our graphics to be placed on but we also used the drone to showcase the sheer size of the wind turbine, putting its impressive scale into perspective against the landscape.

Metro Ecosse Uses Drones to Make Special Film for Enercon.The Rosehill Windfarm is made up of numerous Enercon-built wind turbines. It was here that the drone filming was used to its full potential; coursing through the sky, corkscrewing and rotating fully in fluid motions. Cutaways were shot in abundance here and these, along with the cinematic GV’s, added a true sense of the scale and presence of Enercon’s giant turbines. 

At the next location, Harburnhead Windfarm, the crew was able to film the delivery of a wind turbine to site and to catch workers prepping the turbine blades for lifting: a great bird’s eye view of the work yard was shot with the Aspire; various cutaways were produced with the C300 camera; and some nice cinematic shots were enhanced with the use of prime lenses. 
Metro Ecosse Uses Drones to Make Special Film for Enercon.Meanwhile, our Graphics Department were working hard to produce all of the graphic content for the film which, when edited with the footage we shot, created a stylish account of Enercon’s renewable energy activity in the UK.
The video was screened at the Enercon celebratory dinner at the New Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh and again Metro Ecosse was contracted to supply cameras and film the live event. 
The client sent us this feedback immediately after the screening;

“The feedback that I received yesterday and today from guests, via email, is that we had indeed a great and memorable event. This result only happened because we built a great working team.

So thank you for all the dedicated time during the last months and for your flexibility on late detail changes.

There is saying in football that in winning teams you do not make changes. So for sure that together in the near future we will be involved in more successful projects.”

Jammy Graçoeiro
Sales Manager , ENERCON Sales UK