Celebrating 15 Years at Middle Temple Hall.

Celebrating 15 Years at Middle Temple Hall.Built in the 14th century, Middle Temple is London’s finest example of an Elizabethan Hall.  It is available to hire and its central location makes it a popular choice for London-based corporate events.  We had been working at the venue for 13 years with one of our charity clients when, in 2014, we gained “Accredited Supplier” status.  We are delighted that this has yet again been renewed following a recent tender process. 

Event Sales Manager Kristina Schmidt said, “With Metro in place, I am confident that both the event and the venue are in safe and experienced hands.”

There are very few London venues which are steeped in as much history, having survived the Great Fire and both World Wars.  The High Table – a gift from Elizabeth I - is made from a single Windsor oak which was floated down the Thames and installed before the building was complete.  
Celebrating 15 Years at Middle Temple Hall.This magnificent venue is far from being a relic; the Hall and furnishings are in use by its members daily and the atmosphere is vibrant during its lunchtime sitting. Afternoon and evening events range from meetings and conferences to gala dinners and parties.  

For more information, visit the website: http://www.middletemplehall.org.uk/index.htm