Celebrating 25 Years with Bob Payne

Congratulations to company legend and transport guru Bob Payne – this month he is celebrating  25 years at Metro.

Celebrating 25 Years with Bob Payne
Bob started out in the early days as a technician then moved into the transport team.  When Bob took over supervising transport and looking after the fleet, it was before the warehouse was computerised.  

“I remember managing everything on pieces of paper and relying on a paper filing system.  It’s so different now.”  

About ten years ago when Metro began doing more international work, Bob decided to take to the road, travelling to international events as both driver and technician.

Due to Bob’s years of experience in venues, he often finds himself second in command to the PM when jobs are being set up and is a respected and familiar face to many of our long-term clients.

Reflecting on his beginnings at Metro Bob said, “It was only supposed to be for six months and here I am 25 years on.  It’s the people who make Metro a great place to work.”