Happy 25th Work Anniversary to Pat Stedman – The Welcoming Voice of Metro.

Happy 25th Work Anniversary to Pat Stedman – The Welcoming Voice of MetroA vital member of the team, experiencing various office moves and expansions and - most recently – as the friendly voice at the end of the phone, we talk to Pat Stedman about her various roles over the years and her memories as the company has evolved.

How did you start out at Metro?  

I joined as a temp in the Service Department in June 1991.  We had a wonderful time there - purchasing spares, organising engineer visits, preparing Service Contracts (and having a laugh).  The department was so friendly, it made you want to stay.  When I became permanent in September that year, I added the invoicing to my job spec as each department became responsible for this. I also spent plenty of late nights working with our MD Mary Metcalfe, then a Director, who was overseeing a review of the Service and Sales side of the business.  

What other roles have you had and what is your main responsibility now (I know you do lots of different things)? 

I then moved up to the accounts department.  Besides invoicing, I was doing credit control in an office where we could smoke in those days.  My team-mates and I could sit and work and smoke away to our hearts’ content.  It’s funny to think of it now but that’s how it used to be.  

When we moved into a bigger office, open plan, I was responsible for two people who were on invoicing.  We used to have great laughs in the office. Then when we moved into Great Suffolk Street it was accounts / sales / personnel up on the first floor and events on the ground floor.  

Now I do accounts still but, added to that, a bit of purchasing for the set yard and the office as well as looking after our Scottish office’s invoicing.  Oh, and let’s not forget answering the phones. 

Have you any fond memories you can share?  

I have fond memories of seeing the fellas start out straight from school and watching them grow into project managers, husbands and Dads.  It’s amazing that so many have stayed too.

What is it about Metro that has encouraged you to stay?             

Some people have left Metro and come back again – I suppose the grass isn’t always greener.  Working for a fantastic company, enjoying what you do and working with a great bunch of people makes you want to stay.  I have a fantastic job and it is never the same thing day in and day out.

Next time you call our reception number, join us in wishing Pat a very happy 25th Anniversary.