Oscar Askin on Animation for Corporate Events Part I: Why animation is your smartest communications device.

As corporate storytelling over-complicates itself and our communications platforms overcrowd, there is a greater need than ever to find a medium which is simple, engaging and memorable.  Traditionally associated with entertainment, animation is trending in the corporate world as the medium in which brands can explore this super-sphere where words, pictures and film can’t quite compete.   Animation is filling this vacuum for corporate events.

In this series of three articles, Oscar Askin, Managing Director of Metro Ecosse, focuses on animation: why it is becoming increasingly popular as a communication device; the different types of animation you can use in events; and how to produce that great piece of content.

Why Animation is your smartest communications device.
Creating the spirit of the brand
Design, words and images will do a great job in creating a corporate identity but animation will really energise your communications.  A great piece of animation will convey the culture of your organisation and the spirit of your brand which is otherwise tricky to achieve.  Adding voiceovers, sound effects and music can offer different dimensions and convey really tangible characteristics.  Using an animated character instantly gives you a personality (and you will find they can do things that actors can’t or won’t).

Simplifying complex stories
Today’s brands compete in a deafening marketplace where it is crucial to get your message across simply and in a memorable way.  For example, it’s no longer enough to advertise a home emergency service with a 24 hour call out number; buyers want to understand the ethics, the pricing strategy, the service proposition, the USPs, the number of satisfied customers and much, much more.  Animation can cut through the noise and make complicated products easily understood.

Taking less time to say more
Animation takes the audience to the heart of the message first.  It assumes that supporting information can be sourced elsewhere in text or images.  With no lead in, your animated story makes an instant impact and, used alongside film and other media, it will become your most engaging and memorable piece of content. 

We are currently working on client projects where animation is used in all sorts of scenarios including event websites, internal comms, intranets, information points, training initiatives and at live events, often as a warm up before a key speaker takes the stage.

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