Bank of England Future Forum

Bank of England Future Forum
The Brief
Metro Broadcast was appointed as technical production supplier providing set, staging, sound and visuals for the main Plenary event of the Bank of England’s Future Forum at Birmingham Town Hall.  A bespoke app was developed to facilitate polling and Q&A.   Metro’s film production team also created Vox Pop videos as conference content. Metro filmed the event live for broadcast on the Bank’s video channel.  A feed was also provided to ITN for satellite broadcast.  


Bank of England Future Forum
The Creative Approach
The purpose of the Bank’s Future Forum was to engage with the public in an open way. Metro’s Director Richard Sheehan explored ways in which the technical production could facilitate this open discussion with the wider public.
A huge presentation screen was created as the backdrop.  It was mounted on a traditional set which spanned the width of the stage.  Oversized details of the Forum’s iconic ‘speech marks’ were created to sit proud from the set and on-screen content was designed to match up, linking live visuals with the set design.  Changes to the stage lighting marked points at which the Agenda progressed and set the tone on stage.


Bank of England Future Forum
Technical Production
Previously, Vox Pops had been recorded and edited by Metro for discussion in the Plenary session.  Metro’s team was able to use clever edge-blending technology to ensure the video encompassed one half of the screen while text was blended to the other, creating a more interesting visual - part-moving, part-static and seamlessly merged.  

During the morning, local round table discussions were held, the outputs of which were reported to a scribe who interpreted them as animated “mind maps” displayed on the Plenary screen.  Metro’s use of the Barco E2 content management system meant that this content feed could be added to others including video, slides, graphic sequences and links to the polling app, then centrally controlled by Metro’s AV technicians.

Richard Sheehan, Director at Metro Broadcast said, “The technologies we use allow conference organisers to include a wider range of more sophisticated content which can be seamlessly blended on widescreen.  Working live to camera, the content must be smooth and the staging must be studio standard.”