A Frosty Night in the Park Raises 3.6M to End Homelessness

.A Frosty Night in the Park Raises 3.6M to End HomelessnessWhile the first Winter snow blanketed most of the South East of the UK on Saturday night (December 9th), our Scotland team of park sleepers from Metro Ecosse braved the elements without fire or tents in Edinburgh’s Princes Gardens to raise awareness and cash for the homeless.  As the recent cold snap thankfully draws to a close, Metro Ecosse’s MD Oscar Askin reflects on the coldest night he has ever spent in a park.  

“It was an unforgettable experience. The temperature dropped to -6 which certainly added to the challenge and made participation in the event all the more relevant.  Of course, we had the knowledge that we were at the very least secure for the night, with event staff making sure we were safe, and there was an end in sight for us with a warm bed to go home to at 6.00 a.m. but it is unfathomable how thousands of people do this, night after night, with no prospect of any respite whatsoever.

At 11.15 when it was time to climb into our sleeping bags I feel that everyone’s anxiety levels raised a notch. It was well documented how cold it was going to get and none of us where 100% sure how we would react. 

A Frosty Night in the Park Raises 3.6M to End HomelessnessGrant gets labelled up at Lights Out

Naturally we were very cold but we all got through unscathed.  Everyone was issued with a survival bag, which is in essence a sleeping bag sized bin liner, that provided an extra layer of insulation  By 3.00 a.m. however the inside of my survival bag was encrusted in a layer of ice. That was a low point at the time but a good story with anyone prepared to listen later.

A Frosty Night in the Park Raises 3.6M to End HomelessnessStruggling to figure out what this is?

It’s Grant’s sleeping mat at 3am.

Raising awareness of homelessness in Scotland, and money to help eradicate it, was the incentive I needed to get a team from Metro Ecosse together and I felt it was important for us to be represented in such a brilliant initiative.  The organising team at Social Bite are not afraid to focus on corporate involvement which is of course very canny of them because it is all about raising the most money possible. It is also a tremendous thing to experience as a team.  

I must say that I am incredibly proud of my colleagues who volunteered to join me. No-one was under any pressure to do so and those who joined me have added to the high regard I already held them in.
A Frosty Night in the Park Raises 3.6M to End HomelessnessIf you were to ask me what was the most difficult part of the night I would have to say listening to Liam Gallagher perform before lights out.

See you in the park next December?”
If you would still like to donate, please go to http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/metro-ecosse