My Dream Job at Metro

My Dream Job at MetroChloe Rosenfield talks about her decision to work in event production straight after Sixth Form and her move to join Metro.  Chloe’s story talks about her experiences and achievements in her first year with us.

I joined Metro as the youngest member of staff in January 2017 at the age of 19, fresh from Sixth Form back at home near Milton Keynes. 

I found my interest in events/media through family working in the industry, even being Freelance for Metro, this inspired me to take Media Studies as one of my Sixth Form subjects. My journey with Metro started whilst still studying at Sixth Form, between studying and during half terms I was welcomed by Metro to help as a runner on some of the larger events onsite.

After finishing my studies, I decided that University wasn’t for me and jumping straight into the working life was where I would go next. This is when my journey at Metro truly started. 

I started off at Metro as a member of the Administration team in Jan 2017. This involved working closely with the Project Managers at busy times when they need that extra support with the pre-production. I was also lucky enough to assist on site again on a number of occasions, even jetting off to Paris for a day or two. 

After a year of working at Metro, I have now moved onto working in the creative department, focussing on editing footage that comes back from events and taking care of every piece of footage. Editing is something I really enjoy, and the days go by so quickly when I’m doing an edit, so good it doesn’t really feel like work!

I’ve been welcomed into Metro so nicely and feel like I’ve always been here. The people at Metro are a huge part of what makes Metro so enjoyable. The team have helped me learn more every day and I have my dream job at the age of 20 thanks to Metro.