What’s Not to Love About the Galapagos Sharks?

What’s Not to Love About the Galapagos Sharks?Photography credit: Simon Pierce/GCT
Galapagos Conservation Trust (GCT)’s Oceans Garden Party celebrates the unique marine life of Galapagos and encourages people to support its shark conservation programme.  Each year, the audio visual team at Metro is delighted to provide support for the Charity’s annual fundraiser.

Galapagos has one of the highest concentrations of endangered sharks in the world and the Trust has been supporting Jonathan Green’s Galapagos Whale Shark Project for a number of years. This year, the event raised money to further scientific evidence that will be gathered to underpin the creation of a protected ‘swimway’ between the Galapagos National Park and the Cocos Island National Park to conserve these magnificent ocean giants as they migrate and also, we hope, finally discover where they give birth. 
What’s Not to Love About the Galapagos Sharks?Photography credit: Jonathan Green/GCT

GCT’s Communications and Marketing Manager Clare Simm said, “£250,000 needs to be raised over the next year for GCT’s Shark Conservation Programme. We had raised over £100,000 before the Garden Party and through the fundraising activities on the night, we are now over the half way mark!  With increased knowledge about sharks throughout their life span, we can increase local support for shark conservation and ensure that these charismatic species are protected for generations to come.”

What’s Not to Love About the Galapagos Sharks?Photography credit: Akemi Yokoyama/GCT

During the event, encouraging words were heard from both the Ambassador of Ecuador and the Ambassador of Costa Rica in support of this work.  They were also joined by Mark Brownlow and Orla Doherty from the BBC Blue Planet II team who shared the wonders of the oceans, and personal insights on making the programme.  

You can find out more about GCT’s Shark Conservation Programme here: