Aligning event creatives with an evolving brand

Project Manager Joana Andrade talks about how event design and technology aligns with an evolving brand for the British Franchise Association (bfa). 
Aligning event creatives with an evolving brand  Aligning event creatives with an evolving brandJoana Andrade, Project Manager

We’ve been working with the bfa now for five years and have been involved in not only an evolving brand strategy but also an evolving annual event; the annual conference and the awards for Franchisee and Franchisor of the year.  Traditionally, the bfa has been driven by the regulatory aspect and has played a very formal role in the franchise market.  Now, as the sector matures and gains exposure and reputation, the trade association’s role is changing; it is becoming more focused on best practice, mentoring and leadership, for example, membership now includes access to initiatives such as The Franchise Gym.  The branding has changed to reflect the organisation’s maturity and reflect its reach and influence in the wider business community.
As the organisation has evolved, so has its annual member events and our brief for the conference and awards ceremony production element this year was to go bigger, brighter and more engaging than before.  This year’s event drew a bigger audience than ever, attracted headline sponsor HSBC and accommodated the great and the good of British entrepreneurship including award recipients MacDonalds, Costa and Stagecoach, as well as keynote speaker Mary Portas. 
Aligning event creatives with an evolving brandThe new brand identity was launched at the conference and supported by unique content which we developed for the event including animation, film and layered presentation content, all delivered on a floor-to-ceiling LED presentation wall.  A series of LED plinths adjoining the main stage allowed us to display different elements of content, in either a staggered or repeated fashion, with bespoke animation and soundtrack.
Staging daytime and evening events in the same room also gave us the chance to show how the space could be transformed with lighting, staging and design. 
Aligning event creatives with an evolving brandFor the daytime conference, we used contemporary, professional colours in the lighting, set and visual content for a sleek and professional feel. The brightness and resolution of the LED wall also made a perfect canvas for the evening awards content including in-action footage of special guest Chris Hoy and VTs created by Metro to showcase nominees.

Aligning event creatives with an evolving brand
When conference delegates re-entered the room in the evening, it had been transformed into a glamourous gala setting.  LED lighting strips edging the set came alive to add glamour to the evening stage.   The rig had been equipped with moving and colour-changing lights to create drama, pace and impact during the awards.  The understated colour scheme for the daytime event had been replaced by richer and more dramatic lighting effects, and a dance floor had been created to finish off the night’s DJ-led entertainment.
By increasing the visual dynamics and using the latest in presentation technologies, the bfa was able to leave a strong and lasting impression with guests, and the messaging and content became instantly memorable.
We are all looking forward to the next creative challenge with our friends at the bfa.