• Metro Broadcast And The NSPCC Work With Care At Middle Temple Hall
  • Metro Broadcast And The NSPCC Work With Care At Middle Temple Hall

Metro Broadcast And The NSPCC Work With Care At Middle Temple Hall


Every November, 150 guests gather for dinner at London’s Middle Temple Hall to support children’s charity, the NSPCC. The “Brain Game” event is a lively, interactive quiz and, for the last 13 years, production company Metro Broadcast has managed the sound and video element of the event while taking great care to protect one of London’s most historic buildings.

Built in the 14th century, Middle Temple is London’s finest example of an Elizabethan Hall. The High Table – a gift from Elizabeth I – consists of three 29ft beams from a single Windsor oak which was floated down the Thames to be installed before the building was complete. Far from being a relic, the Hall and furnishings are in use by members daily.

For the NSPCC event, Metro Broadcast’s challenge is twofold; installing the technical equipment in time and working with care to protect the fabric of the building which survived the Great Fire and both World Wars. Metro Broadcast’s events coordinator Kate Hills says, “We can’t begin rigging until 2pm. We work alongside the Hall caterers to bring our equipment in while they clear lunch and re-set for dinner. Technically, it’s not a complicated job but we need to work extremely carefully before and after the event.”

The NSPCC’s community fundraising manager, Samantha Wilkins, says, “Metro Broadcast’s calm professionalism throughout the night makes it a very enjoyable evening for both guests and NSPCC volunteers. The team helps to make the Brain Game a huge success and we look forward to working with them in years to come.”

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  • Client: NSPCC Work With Care
  • Location: Middle Temple Hall

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