Metro Broadcast and Theme Traders Get Theatrical For Media Agency MEC.


With no less than 11 nominations for the 2013 Media Week Awards, global media agency MEC enlisted the help of event planners Theme Traders and technical production company Metro Broadcast to help create a unique pitch environment for the coveted Media Agency of the Year Award.  Designed to present MEC’s year of achievements to Media Week’s judging panel, the event was staged in MEC’s offices in Southwark and an entire theatrical experience, complete with four stages ‘in the round’, was created.

Theme Traders had been working with MEC to re-design the office café space and an inventive floor plan was drawn up to incorporate four, themed stage settings with the audience of judges positioned in the middle on swivel chairs.  The stage areas not only served as presentation sets; they were designed for the judges to wander through and explore.  A star-cloth and a series of flats with projected images were used to create an intimate theatre environment and the four different stages were all themed creatively, ranging from a Summer beach scene to a vintage style carpenter’s workshop.

Once the concepts had been defined, Metro Broadcast needed to add lighting, sound and presentation technologies to bring the sets to life and create an engaging presentation.  Projection mapping was used (projecting images or graphics onto 3D surfaces) to create the MEC logo – instead of regular 2D graphics.  Rather than opting for presentation screens, Metro Broadcast’s production manager used Christie Microtiles to build unconventional, 3D, interactive presentation sets.
Rear projection was also used in some areas and moving lights were used to create drama and attention.  Video playbacks were introduced at various points in the presentation as well as unusual sound effects and the entire event needed to be cued as a theatre show from beginning to end.

By working closely through the design stages with both MEC and Theme Traders, Metro Broadcast was able to create an original way of presenting the achievements of the agency and stay in tune with MEC’s creative brand.

  • Category: AV Hire
  • Client: MEC
  • Location: London

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