Exhibition environments that really stand out.

Using a combination of in-house skills from leading edge design to the latest in audio visual technology, we will work with you to create a bespoke exhibition stand which sets you apart from the crowd. 

Whether your exhibition space needs to educate, raise brand awareness, launch a product or generate sales leads, our designers will understand your objectives and create an environment which helps you achieve them.

Our stand designers and set builders use a mix of traditional carpentry, new materials and integrated technology to create attention-grabbing displays.  Metro’s team will help you optimise your space in a busy exhibition hall with a stand design which is both memorable and practical.

In some of the largest exhibition halls across Europe and North America, we have helped clients create venues within their exhibition space, launch innovative products, hold group talks in mini theatre-style arrangements, and incorporate technologies to make the space both captivating and interactive.

Can you please thank your fabulous team for all their assistance on Tuesday. The evening was very successful and went very smoothly, the communications part being entirely down to them. A great team.


Metro are always professional, act with integrity and place a high degree of importance on accountability. Which is why I am happy to recommend them as experts in their field.


The Metro team was fantastic - well prepped, well rehearsed, always in great spirits (even at silly o clock in the morning!), happy to help wherever needed and very professional. The AV execution was slick, the event was beautifully lit and the screens, surround and audio were spot on…. It has been a pleasure.

Smarty Train Events

Both teams involved with running EY Live this year we're great, really professional, knew what they were doing, and could always be relied on.


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